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Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by taloncompany, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. taloncompany

    taloncompany New Member

    Can I please be sent a cheap gun that doesnt have to be cocked back every time I am always losing airsoft events because I have to cock back all the time, I have good tactics, a good shot, but no money if anyone could spare like a cheap automatic airsoft gun I would be very greatful

    I know I'm asking for a hand out but I would send you video of me winning airsoft events and you will be re payed thank you for your time
  2. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    1. Please follow the what gun format:

    2. We have a list of budget guns that are cheap as possible that still render good results:

    3. Take no offense in this because none is meant, but I've said this time and time again; it all comes down to tactics. The reason you want an automatic weapon is to spray targets and not rely on a single BB to hit the intended target. Don't feel bad, most everyone does it. It's why 3-round burst exist.

    To answer your overall question, if you want a decent automatic weapon, you're going to have to spend a little. Don't expect to be given a free gun, don't expect to fall onto a $20 automatic that awesome, it won't happen. Save your funds, keep working on your tactics and it'll eventually streamline together.
    Also keep in mind it's also the people you're going against. I've slaughtered a team of 20 kids with assault rifles and all I have was a Wal-Mart shotty. I've also been handed by a team of 3 who had training knives and a 2 round pistol when I had 6 other team mates.

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