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    Lady Lake

    I'm Julian (aka LoEM_1942 or TheKurse on Discord). Currently located in central Florida and I've never touched Airsoft in my life. I do own a RS pistol yet it keeps in its cubby due to $$$. Range firing and target sims are something I've loved over the years, but RS weapons are a VERY expensive hobby. So I've given them a very wide berth past self defense measures. I've been a fan of Airsoft Milsims for a long time and have recently discovered how cost efficient it is as a hobby! Especially compared to range firing a S&W SD9 VE...

    I don't yet own any Airsoft firearms and am still heavily researching the investment. For the near future I'm mostly planning on range firing, training drills and overall improving my general weapons handling while having a bit of fun. This seems perfect for that. If all goes well I may be looking into Milsim in my area once the pandemic decides to cool its motor.

    As for interests: I mostly write stories and RP scenarios (DnD included), play a wide array of PC games...particularly those that get me thinking or have a heavy degree of logic involved, buy and trade fictional character art pieces and designs, casually play guitar, throw together random electronic and mechanical contraptions (aka 'robots') and occasionally write very poor introductions/BIOs! Past that I'm a full time computer, tablet and cellphone technician who spends most of his time working on staff, house and home.

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    Hi LoEM, I am a GURPS Man myself...I gave up on DnD in the old days when it was a bit "weapon" biased.

    Since you asked about a pistol. What do you have?

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    Welcome! I've never played DnD myself, but I LOVE writing. A friend of mine where I work is really into this game called BattleTech, which looks quite fun.
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    Lady Lake

    DnD 5e is far better than most of the older versions (3.5 was fun, but horribly broken). It also REALLY relies on who you're playing with. Not very into GURPS myself. At that point I'd rather just freeform it! Which has some great ups and downs, but works best with only 2 or 3 participants (else it takes FOREVER).

    AS? None!
    RS? My Smith and Wesson SD9 VE.

    Thanks! BattleTech is pretty decent. Played it a time or two. Generally I'm lazy with that franchise and just play a digital version of it (like Titans of Steel or the new Battletech). Shadowrun is also -very- nice if you like technology related lores. Also brings up a lot of thoughts into modern society since it's basically an alternative to our own reality. Highly recommend it.
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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    Hello Julian, welcome to the forum.
    I am from Central Florida as well, if you need some advice pm me, I will gladly help you.