Featured Friend is looking for a good, cheap bolt-action rifle

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    OK, so there's a friend of mine at work who used to play airsoft for a period in the mid-2000s and has recently expressed interest in getting back into it. I talked to him again today, and he said he was looking for a good, cheap bolt-action rifle. He didn't specify an exact budget, only saying that he wanted something to tag the young whippersnappers with their fancy-schmancy assault rifles with (not his exact words). Anybody got any suggestions?
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    We all shoot the 6mm ball. A Bolt Action Rifle only shoots at field limits, thus the whipper snappers will be tagging him 12 rounds per second to his 1 round every 6 seconds.

    What the delivery device looks like has absolutely NO Bearing on what it can do and with that...I am tagging the whipper snappers with my G35 with a 7" barrel.

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    OK, aside from a Glock, WHAT would you suggest then for my friend who so desires to plug the enemy from afar?
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    What’s his budget in terms of “cheap”? Distance can equal $ pretty quickly. If he is a sneaky bugger he could make it work. I have seen people do it cheap.
    It will also depend on how heavy of a bb he is willing to buy. If he wants to be able to shoot better later find a JG bar 10 Or a Marui clone of some other system, so he can upgrade it easily (in terms of parts availability not how much $$$ they are) He might find a decent used one on Hopup App or on the forums that has some upgrades.