Friend wants new bulpup aeg

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by Joshpeck, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Joshpeck

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    Hey guys I got a buddy that said he might want a new aeg, as I stated in the title he wants a bulpup weapon. He loves bulpup guns, I don't blame him.
    Anyways be said he was most interested in the aug, but he said he'll go with basically any bulpup rifle out there besides the famas.

    I don't exactly know his budges but ill guess he has a maximum of $230
    He would prefer the fps to fluctuate around 370 with .2s
    He wants a full metal gun
    We play at extremely long ranges so keep that in mind

    If you want me to get Anything more specific I will but that's all I have to go by.
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  2. TacticalChef

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    i used to have an army l85, it was solid other than being to powerful for it's own good. never boke on me personally but it always felt like it was going to rip itself apart if you know waht i mean. used it for over 2 years though, no upgrades outside the barrel or anything with no trouble. if he's interested i have an aug with a bunch of mags ect that i want to sell but don't have enough posts to make a classified ad. PM me if you want details.

  3. Joshpeck

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    Neither he nor I buy used guns, sorry dude.
  4. Flocktime

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    Well his choices are JG Augs, L85, Tavor, and I'm missing one or two.
    The real Aug isnt metal so this can't be metal either. It's still pretty sturdy.
    This rifle is extremely ugly and also plasticy. Not sure how the TM Famas's are
    Over price limit, but is metal and around his desired FPS limit.