Frightening/Scary/Weird Airsoft Stories

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Soda, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Soda

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    Anyone have any frightening, scary, or weird airsoft experiences at a game? See something that creeped you out? Or any weird feelings about something? Dont care if it's paranormal or not, as long as it incited fear. Anything from apparations to being chased by dogs, SHARE!
  2. theonlyBuster

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    S. Florida
    Played in an abandoned meat packing facility that was supposedly haunted. During a game there was 2 guys left and they were on opposite ends of the building, the rest of us were in a corner waiting for the end result. A few minutes goes by and both walk out saying the other person unloaded on their back. The only issue is neither claimed to have shot the entire time.
    We played another game, one flag CTF. The defending team was on their game to the point where we couldn't get to the flag. When the game was over we went to go collect our prop. The flag made it from 1 side of the field to the other.
    Here's the kicker, it was shoved into the drywall about 12 feet off the ground. We immediately left and never returned.

  3. evilyoda

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    San Diego
    rattlesnakes. lots of them, not a good sound when you are in the prone
  4. beanmaster50

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    I was laying in a field and i decided to hide behind a small rock. I started to shoot and I turned on my taclight (it was dark) I turned off my light and realized the rock moved!
    I turned on my light to get a better look. What i thought was a rock turned out to be a large skunk! I nearly jumped 10 feet in the air! I ran off the field so fast..... but the sad part was...... the other team thought I was rushing them so I was getting peppered by an agm mp40, cyma ak74m, Kwa mac-11, KSC mac-11, a modded r71, and a bunch of random springers/aegs!
    I had 30+ welts from getting peppered! (but I guess its better than getting sprayed by a skunk!)
  5. Njnewland

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    Sat down by a snake. I jumped up in about a .0000001 seconds. Didn't take the time to look and see what kind it was.
  6. nightsblack

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    My friend went prone in a mud wasps nest they were all over him hiding in his ghillie suit
  7. Grudge

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    Has a team mate standing close by me as we were waiting for a game to start. All of a sudden we notice lots of ants crawling on his gun. Within seconds he is getting bit. EVERYWHERE. When he came to stand next to me he stopped right on top of an ant hill. Did a crazy strip to his boxers and we were brushing the ants off him for about 5 mins. Even after shaking out his gear and clothes I had to pick two off his neck when they were biting him. Suckers were well over half an inch long each.
  8. max3000

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    I don't know if this is relevant but:
    We were doing a match in an abandoned military base (we had a permit, the authorities knew about us). But for some reason , two cops decided to enter and patrol. I was hiding behind cover, I knew someone from the other team was going to be there, I popped out with my Tavor and instead of what I was expecting, two cops looking right at me, bewildered by a guy in full ACU tac gear and an assault rifle. I immediately yelled CEASE FIRE, EVERYONE GET OUT. while lowering my gun

    Luckily nothing happened, we explained to them what we were doing and they were on their way.
  9. koolaidman

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    we were playing airsoft out in some state land once, and we found a circle burned into the ground, with black hefty bags hanging in the trees full of water, needless to say, we shot the bags to peices lol.
  10. Poseidon

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    I was running in the middle of the field, when all of a sudden i took an arrow to the knee
  11. Napple

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  12. DirtDiver12595

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    this one isn't really scary but its definitely weird lol. a team mate and i were under fire and we were hiding behind cover. my mate pulls a little container of ravioloi out of his butt pack and starts eating it lol. i was like "WTF are you doing, were in a firefight" hes just like "tactical ravioli, duh" lol
  13. mockingshot

    mockingshot New Member

    Lol I seen a kid pull out a poptart and started eating it. He said he didn't have breakfast.
  14. PvtParts

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    We were engaged in a night match at a friends in the woods. (he has mentioned there has been some weird stuff happening there). I ordered the team to fire at some shuffling noises we were hearing to our right about 250 feet off (the other team started ahead of us about 150 yards). this motion closely resembled human movement and was definately not a small animal. After some burst fire I ordered the team to loop around behind us and to our left and advance towards the other team's starting location. turns out their strategy was to camp there and wait for us. Also they were able to pinpoint exactly where we heard the movement, as they heard it too. Just as we started conversing as a group, i looked up at some buddies, and a featureless face was situated behind two of them. It had a white but shadowed face with a red and white shirt. (the guys all jokingly refer to him as Waldo as I thought it was striped.) i took off towards the house saying "I saw something" and nothing more. the guys luckily came running right after me. We hunkered down in the basement for the night and didnt go back out.

    Later I learned from the friend's mother that a few days later during the night, the basement doorbell rang (this faces the woods not the road, and hasnt been rung for years, and nobody was there.)

    True story, no joke
  15. BlackDragonAirsoft

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    I was rushing once, and someone with a swat team load out jumped out from a corner and screamed "Get down on the ground now!" I immeadiatley fell to the ground and pushed my weapon towards him. It scared the daylights out of me, but he then told me he was just messin with me, so I unloaded mi hicapa into him.
  16. Munishin

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    Gave me legit chills, probably becasue I'm reading this at 11 at night.
  17. BlackDragonAirsoft

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    Think your scared? At my house it's 1:25 and it's raining with lots of lightning and high winds. And my window frames have small tiny holes so the wind makes them howl. O__O
  18. Munishin

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    Don't got that kind of freaky nature in AZ :D although his story did bring up a bad thought from my childhood, It was like 2 am and I woke up to the sound of rocks hitting my sliding screen window. Keep in mind this apt. was on a 2 story level I looked on the porch from my bed and swore I saw a shadowed humanoid figure standing out of view on my porch.
  19. BlackDragonAirsoft

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    What do you not understand about howling windows and trees casting shadows!? You are freaking me out man! Jk I'm not mad. I am scared though. Many tornado warnings tonight.
  20. Munishin

    Munishin Well-Known Member

    That was the point hahahahaha JK but that was a for real true story. Good Luck with getting a full nights rest :)