From AK to M4 style (ICS, G&G or ARES)

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  1. Sync

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    Hello guys

    I've been using a CM.042 kalash for quite a while now, and because it's a little heavy for me I'd like to get into a M4 style gun which I can customize.

    I love the gun, it's reliable, robust and I love Ak's but I feel it's time to change for something lighter. What I'm looking for in my new gun would be:
    - out-of-the-box performance
    - long lasting gun, I don't like opening it up and such, so guns that last long without too much 'handwork' are a big + here
    - lighter alternative for my AK, currently I play with 3.1kg gun, something between 2.2-2.8 kg would be awesome.
    - I have a weakspot for silencers or guns with silencer looking nozzle
    - budget is between 250-400 euros, if there's something really good for up to 500 I might consider it too

    There are 3 models currently that I have seen and was on the edge of buying until I found the other ones.
    ARES Amoeba am-014: I like the aesthetics of this gun A LOT, but I think mainly the stock and silencer, the receiver could be better. This gun also weight only 2.2kg which is a 900gram decrease from my current gun! I've heard good and bad things about ARES and this gun, so not sure.
    G&G Warthog 9": This gun looks fine, I've heard G&G and ICS are "in the top 3" so perhaps it's worth considering if any of you have experience with this gun or G&G in general.
    ICS-383 CXP HOG tubular SSD MTR: I freaking love how this one looks and I've heard a lot of positive things about the manufacturer and the ease of use of the gearbox.

    Here are some photo's and specs on the guns:

    I'm aware that is way overpriced and there are websites out there that can offer the same guns for 100$ less, but the problem is that Belgium is a pain when it comes to importing from outside of Europe, especially with Airsoft. I've bought without problems from Taiwangun before but they don't have the guns I'm looking for :(

    Every answer will contribute to final decision I make so please leave your thoughts, experiences and facts that I may not know! :)
  2. Wh33ler

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    Not on your list but have you considered either the Krytac Trident CBR or SPR? Out of the box, they're phenomenal and don't really require any upgrades to be solid performers. Not sure whether or not it's the style you're looking for, but if you want great performance out of the box and a gun you can absolutely rely on, that'd be what I suggest. And yes I do own one myself, so I might be a little biased, but I did my homework before making my decision a couple months ago when I bought mine and so far I believe I made the right call. Food for thought.

    Krytac Trident CRB MKII

    Krytac Trident SPR MKII

  3. Sync

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    Thanks for your input! Yes I also forgot to mention that I'm open to guns that aren't listed as long as they fit :D
    As for the guns you advised, the CRB MKII looks nice, however I think it's a little too long for me. Does the lenght of a barrel have anyinfluence on the performance?
  4. Wh33ler

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    Could always go with the PDW version, too, if you want something shorter. Comes in under 19" (48cm), which makes is great for indoor and CQB. If I get another gun, that'll be the one I pick up. And it looks amazing with a suppressor.

  5. E135

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    I would personally go with the ICS for the ease of use. G&G makes very good stuff as well, but they did some weird "innovations" such as switching what side as the screws on the gearbox shell. I would avoid ARES, as they are horribly inconsistent as far as quality across the board, but people with a lot of tech skill can make them reliable.
  6. Sync

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    So far confirming my suspicions about Ares, and ICS.
    Thanks for your input!

    Dayumn that is one fine looking build right there. The kind of stock is gorgeous on that gun and I like the lenght. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention :D