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    Baton Rouge
    Well hello guys and gals over here at Airsoft Society! I am not new to to the community, and i am getting back into air soft i tried it for about a year or 2 back when i was 13 or 14 years of age. By the way my name is Floyd, i go By Nash, and Herstal (mainly a ingame name huge fan of FN Herstal:D)
    I am 27 years of age, well till i make my 28 next month on Oct 11 2012.
    I have chronic pain illness that limits me to a lot and have to be hospital
    at times when it gets worst, but i am one tough guy as many people tell me.

    I am into computers i build my own gaming computers, and a diehard online
    1st person shooter and mmorpg kind of guy :D I love spending time outdoors
    shooting basketball when i can on my kind of good days, i am in a happy relationship with my girlfriend and my daughter that i love so very much!
    I am described as a pretty chill guy, and very humble.

    So guys i am very happy to be apart of Airsoft Society, I know a fair amount of information about Airsoft guns and information as i been studying for quite some time now. Just did the right thing and introduced myself here. Have an Awesome weekend. :D
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    Welcome! On behalf of everyone here (it's kinda early) we hope you enjoy your stay.

    What Airsoft gun(s) do you currently own (if any)?

    Where do you usually play (if you have a regular field)?

    Also, read the rules (if you haven't already)!


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    Baton Rouge
    Hey bro how are you? Thanks for welcoming me here!
    The guns i own are coming by next week. I own

    1. Dboys RAS II M4 w/FG (Foregrip) & Sling[AEG]
    2. DeltaForce MP-40 [spring powered]
    Other items

    3. Diamond Tactical x9 scope (+)
    4. Diamond Tactical Protective glasses [clear]
    5. Classic Army 32" Rifle, SMG, Pistol carrying case.
    6. Elite Force 0.20g bb's
    7. Premium Battery w/ charger
    8. Umarex Gel Target
    9. 1" scope weaver mounting rings

    And that's just the beginning i ordered those items yesterday around 6PM CDT
    Also I've been trying to look for the rules on the forum i didn't find them, sorry
    about that, it's pretty late and my mind isn't functioning too well at the moment.
    But thanks again for welcoming me to these awesome airsoft forums.

    EDIT: I found the rules thread I've taken a snippet of the page to study the rules so i can remember I hope that's okay..
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