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Hey y'all. I bought this gun a few years ago with the plan of commissioning a custom russian-style SV98 stock for it, but all the local outdoor fields closed down and there wasn't much use for a bolt-action gun. I never got around to upgrading anything, as far as I know it's 100% stock, and I only actually played with it a handful of times.

The gun is a Type 96/L96/MB01 Maruzen-style clone. That means the magazine is in the "wrong" place compared to the Tokyo Marui-style clones. However, the gun is a great platform, with tons of upgrade potential. If you were to buy this stuff brand new it would cost you:
$155 for the gun:
Air gun Trigger Machine gun Gun barrel Gun accessory

Well MB01 MK96 AWP Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle Scope Package ( Black )
$20 for another two 24-round magazines (yes you need spares for this)
$50 for the AIM 2-7x32 long eye relief scope.
$35 for the AIM 51 inch gun bag (velcro straps to hold the gun in place + 2 large zipped pockets.
That's a grand total of $260 brand new before taxes or shipping. Mine will also come with a bipod mount at the front for free.

I'm asking for $175 + shipping. I'm willing to sell it for less without certain add-ons, just let me know.

I'm also willing to throw in a crappy springer shotgun w/ one shell-style mag, and if you want, I can even throw in a fully functional KWA TT-33 Tokarev gas pistol for another $50 bucks.

I'm not desperate to get rid of it, but I don't really use it so it's just gathering dust in my closet so I might as well sell it. I live in the Philadelphia, PA area, and I am willing to deliver/meet within a few hours of Philly, or you pay for shipping.

Feel free to comment here, direct message me, or email me at [email protected].
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