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PayPal F/F (or add 3.5% for G/S) or money order only
Item will be shipped via USPS priority unless otherwise requested
Once item is shipped it is no longer my responsibility
Items are sold as-is and described to the best of my ability

As the title states, I am looking to unload a couple gear items...first up is some TMC woodland (m81) combat pants. These are used, but in good condition (no rips, tears, etc). They are a little faded, as any set of bdu's gets over time, but they are the sexiest of the sexiest...m81 camo. For reference, my pant size is between a 34 and 36...these fit, just are a little snug. I would say if you wear between a 30-32 these should be a perfect fit.
Camouflage Outerwear Shirt Military camouflage Dress

Camouflage Dress Plant Military camouflage Textile

Sleeve Textile Collar Wood Beige

They do not come with knee pads, and the price reflects this. I am only looking to get $30 SHIPPED for these.

Next up on the list is my real steel BAE RBAV. For those that don't know, the RBAV is essentially an updated CIRAS. The RBAV is Ranger Green and size medium. I love the carrier, it simply is a little too snug for me (my normal shirt size is between a L and XL). All pouches are included, and the best that I can tell everything is either Paraclete or Eclipse/BAE. The internal cummerbund will also be included, though it is not pictured (I took it off and it is sitting in my gear locker). No armor is included.

Brown Wood Textile Rectangle Font

Rectangle Wood Sleeve Art Artifact

Art Wood Wall Font Tints and shades

Brown Wood Art Tints and shades Font

I am asking $200 Shipped OBO. This is a real steel armor carrier and is one great piece of kit.

If you want to make it a package deal and get both the woodland pants and RBAV, I can do $215 shipped

As always, feel free to PM with any questions or offers!


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Bump, both still available. Rbav price dropped to 180 shipped
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