Full Auto GBB Secondaries - What’s NOT Garbage?

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    Was it short stroked only a little bit? Mine gets 19-20rps shortstroked only to the point where the slide stop doesn't engage, with a heavier steel guide rod plug and stock blowback unit.

    My only complaint about 4.3 Hicapas is how picky they are with flashlights since the rail is not weaver/pic spec. I have not had a 4.3 slide crack on me but I assume the weight of the rear sight will be what starts it just like the 5.1s. Aftermarket slide choice for 4.3 is limited, I think just Guarder, so slide replacement might need to be a 5.1 - which will need a new outer barrel, recoil guide rod, and rear sight assembly at minimum (recoil guide rod, inner barrel, and recoil spring for a complete conversion). Just so newer players are aware
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    I had a KWA MP9 and it was a good gun. Very fast ROF, would go through a mag in about 2 seconds on Full-Auto, but it was robustly built. Maybe consider one with a rail so you can put any light/laser on it you want. If you need I can try and make a Kydex holster for it, although I don't do it too often. But it would fit the gun with light/laser and silencer.
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