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Full auto not working but semi is

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I've recently installed a MOSFET but even before that, the fire modes haven't been working reliably. Right now semi-auto is working fine but as soon as I try full auto nothing happens. I've opened up the gearbox and haven't seen anything out of place. That being said, this is only my second time working on a gearbox. I've checked the tappet plate, cut-off level spring and it all seemed fine. Is there something I might've looked over?
The gearbox is a version 2 G&G electric blowback for the Airsoft GI G4-A2 blazing hog. It has lonex compression upgrades, 12:1 shs gears, flat trigger, and now the Gate NanoASR.

Update: I replaced the selector plate spring and it's working fine
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Replace the selector plate. G&g breaks a chunk off of it for their proprietary mosfets. That chunk is what normally enables full auto by pulling the cutoff lever back. Their mosfet works slightly differently than anything else.

This may not be correct if it didn't have a g&g mosfet beforehand.
It didn't have a MOSFET. I had the solder the new one in
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