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Full Auto occasionly stuck on

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My gun is an Ares AR-010. I'm very satisfied with nearly every aspect of this gun, however it has developed a problem fairly recently. Every now and then, even when it's on semi auto, it will shoot a burst of full auto after a trigger pull and continues even after my finger is off the trigger and won't stop until I switch it back on safety. I really don't like my gun firing even with my finger off the trigger. Is this a known problem? Are there any fixes? Also, sometimes when its on semi it won't fire until I switch it to full auto and back. Again, both of these do not happen very often at all.
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Since this is an ares gun... Im pretty sure that this gun has a microswitch. I have worked on them and they suck! With my experience this always happens with ares guns. Your problem is the proprietary cut off lever. The only way to fix this is to get a new regular TM style cut off lever, trigger contacts and then figure out how to put them in the gun. If it is impossible to put them in most likely will be...then you will have to add a new gearbox shell to your list. Sorry for this big explanation but I just wanted to share my experiences. :)
No problem josie :) and bryanman idk if thats troll or not but my experience with them have been not so great just sayin
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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