full metal M16A2 (asking for a friend)

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    A friend of mine is wanting to do an 80’s cold war loadout. He likes the M16A2 (which I read somewhere came out mid-1980s), which it would be era-correct. He wants a full metal one, with a functional bolt catch.

    The only ones I know of are G&G or G&P. Technically they’d be A3’s since they are full auto instead of burst. Which they did also have A3’s in the 80’s but were only for special forces and the like, so I think it would still be accurate. JG makes one with a functional bolt catch but its plastic. The G&G is accurate except it has pictogram trigger group (and wrong side I believe). The G&P is accurate to A3 but bolt catch is non-functioning.

    Anyway, anyone know where my friend could get a full metal M16A2 w/ functioning bolt catch?