G&G ARP9 Polarstar Jack
Fully built Hi-Capa 5.1 with 3d printed slide and
Ace tech Brighter C tracer (will work on both)
Hi Capa has Airsoft Masterpiece LIMCAT Slide,
Edge Blowback Unit, Airsoft Masterpiece
nozzle, MapleLeaf 6.01 Inner Barrel and Hopup
bucking, Nineball thumb safety, Airsoft
masterpiece magwell, Airsoft Masterpiece
trigger. Airsoft Masterpiece Hammer and Grip
Safety, CowCow short shin kit (only 1 shim was
used) and a CowCow sear Spring. only thing
not touched was frame internals. whole build
cost about $1700
3D printed slide has MapleLeaf Hopup and
inner barrel, threaded barrel from TAPP, and
stock bbu and nozzle. nozzle does not work
4 ARP mags
1 Angel Custom electric drum mag
1 Hi Capa mag
5 Evike BAMF mags
2 Speed QB mags
About 8,000 Tracer BBs
DYE 14 Mask
TAPP mag adapter for HPA
CowCow short shims
Tons of Hi Capa extras (inside the ammo can)
Speed loader
Will send detailed pics to serious buyers
Selling because i'm quitting airsoft and want to move into Real-Steel