G&G Birdcage removal syndrome.

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    OK, I searched the threads and I didn't see anything specific....so for those thinking of removing your birdcage flash hider from your G&G rifle...keep this in mind....

    I've come to the conclusion that the best way to remove such a flash hider on this brand of gun is to just cut it off. You'll avoid damaging your barrel or even worse, your hop-up by twisting and wrenching the hider. Ideally, the outer barrel should be off the gun when you work on this. You should make your cuts in line with the barrel and avoid cutting into the threads on the barrel itself.

    Before you jump all over me, read on....

    After discovering one of my Combat Machine m16's with a bent hider, I attempted to straighten it, with what turned out to be too much force. It snapped off! (Arggh). Ok. It was bent, there was no way I was going to straighten a cast part. I got out the dremel cut off saw and made some cuts so I could pop off what was left. Eventually, I got it to turn and took a close look at just what G&G gobbed in the threads. It looked like grey thread lock. It might have been grey epoxy. No one seems to know for sure as far as I can learn. It was in the last 1/3 of the threads and had oozed out onto the metal ring you see just in between the hider and the outer barrel. I took the wasted part to the propane torch to see if a little heat would soften the grey matter. No luck. I put more heat to it, and as you'd expect, it melted into a puddle. SO, don't torch your barrel or anything on your gun people, they are cast parts and don't like much heat anymore than solder does. All this after trying boiling water to soften the seal for several different time intervals with no luck.

    If anyone has some better advice/experience with this, feel free to contradict me. If someone has the elusive information to this annoying conundrum, feel free to let us know your secret.