G&G cm 16 shorty upgrade gone wrong! bucking+compression mod

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  1. plasticnoob

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    so I just upgraded

    cylinder head
    bucking and nub

    factory compression = 0%

    new compression = 0%

    I stretched out the oring and I had 100% compression on the new one, the factory compression was 70% + leaking air as I was pushing.

    Going to buy a new piston head w/ the o-ring

    The bucking I am not so sure about this is what is happening, the bucking is a lonex 70 degree

    I installed it put FULL hop up (normally when I shoot full hop up I can shoot out to 75-100 feet then it just curves for the sky.

    The new bucking+ nub on full hop up stops around 30 feet and just drops off, sometimes double feeds and it just doesnt move at all.

    what have I done :( ?

    Will be doing more mods, motor and spring + new cylinder head + barrel as on full auto it just sprays left and right.
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  2. Jeranhound

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    Sounds almost like you didn't put in the new nub that came with your bucking. I actually did the same thing the first time I put my AK back together, but its hopup is so sensitive that works the same whether the nub is there or not, I just need to move it a tiny bit more.

  3. plasticnoob

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    The nub is in, the old one had some tatter mark on it, and worked good for waht it was, prehaps I should put the old bucking and nub in to test.,

    be back in 40 minutes :/
  4. plasticnoob

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    hidden city
    okay quicker than I thought

    old bucking+nub = great!

    not sure what to do with this new lonex + nub, guess ill save it for another gun that might work with it?

    Hop up nub is a bit bigger on the lonex 70 so I am staying with the G&G factory nub

    gained about 30 feet with the new compression mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hitting 150 feet target but the barrel isnt the best, ened to upgrade that. full auto spray is terrible and single fire isnt much better.

    I was using .25 at that! last time I used .25 I was hitting 115-125 max feet
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  5. kronus14

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    The Lonex 70% hop bucking is for high rated springs..

    eventhough your using, for an example a sp170, you still need to break in the hop bucking.. 500-1000 rounds will do the trick.. just like the prometheus red hop bucking..