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  1. sniper291996

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    i just put in a new SHS 18:1 gear set into my gearbox. i then go to test fire it and the bbs dont feed. before the gear switch i went through 5000 bbs with no problem. it looks like the air nozzle is not going far enough back. so what should i do know?
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    make sure the tappet plate spring is installed. also, look inside your feed tube and make sure the nozzle is cycling correctly. manually drop in a bb and shoot it (upside down). if it doesn't shoot out, look for interference. note: nozzle doesn't always retract all the way after cycling. if it shoots out, it's more likely a mag issue.

    if nozzle doesn't retract all the way during cycling, open up the gearbox and check to see how much more gap there is for nozzle to retract. also note that there might be a sector delayer chip. remove that. they usually cause problems for non high speed builds.

    i haven't had much experience with newer SHS gears, compare the distance of the sector gear tappet pole with your old sector gear. some gears have different distances which matches up to their line of tappet plates.

  3. sniper291996

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    sorry for how long this reply took but i had to order the tappet plate but once i got it, it worked great. thanks for the help.:)