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  1. kevinkc

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    I'm wondering what is your guys suggested upgrades for the G&G cm16. I want to upgrade, but still under 400 fps and the total of upgrades under $70
  2. Adman234

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    Get a few really nice batteries if you do not already have them.

    For M4s, I recommend this

    I would also get a madbull tightbore, systema bucking, SHS metal rack piston, metal bearing spring guide, new spring (depending on desired FPS),and an air-seal nozzle.

    Some good things you can do to the weapon for cheap are:

    -Reshim, regrease, reseal, adjust AOE, polish everything, wire to deans, and follow this guide

    -Also, put in some sorbothane padding to increase the life of the V2 (and fillet the gearbox where the cylinder makes contact)

    Good luck with your upgrades!
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  3. klinefrog

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    the stock piston should be fine and the gun is already shooting sub 400 so a new spring isnt needed either....i would go with a tbb from madbull and a new bucking/nub either guarder clear, madbull blue