G&G combat machine raider R10 new motor problem

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by da_beast, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. da_beast

    da_beast New Member

    I just bought the Titan Moter AEG high torque at parafrog Airsoft and it is making a super high souf and grindy sound i don't know what it is I had this problem with my mp5 also but that was a easy fix and I'm trying to not have to go back to the store so I don't have to make another hour trip their and back please if u have any comments please tell me
  2. marine121496

    marine121496 Wahahaha~ Supporting Member

    Ann Arbor
    Your motor height is too low, try increasing it via the screw on the bottom of the grip.

  3. masterpro72

    masterpro72 New Member

    Your motor height might be to high. Lower it a little bit.
  4. Nelson

    Nelson Review Guru Supporting Member

    I doubt it. When the motor is to high it pushes to far onto the bevel gear and won't cycle. When the motor is to low it doesn't engage the bevel gear causing a high pitch whine. Marine is right. Your motor height is too low.