G&G Combat Machine Raider Upgrades

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    G&G Combat Machine Raider Upgrade Questions

    I'm thinking about buying a G&G Raider and i have heard G&G parts are weak. What would be necessary to upgrade? I know i will have to change the bushings but is that it? I don't want any comments about not buying them ect.
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    I hate to be 'that guy', but for the price a CM is not worth it.
    A JG or CYMA will hold up in stock configuration longer than a CM.

    Having owned a CM I can give you my list of parts I needed to replace on my CM.
    Motor burn-out after 17k rounds
    DIY mods after 20k rounds
    Complete air nozzle failure after 23k rounds
    Noticeable bushing degradation after 25k rounds
    Piston near-failure after 32k rounds
    Complete GB replacement at 35k rounds

    Everything else held up fine, but after working on my friends CYMA AK and JG S-system I was blown away that their guns lasted 25k rounds without any damage to the GB components.

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    new nozzle/cylinder/cylinder head ++ tight bore barrel and a hop up

    dont buy a new motor ($50) could just buy a new gun with all this money spent

    these are my mods, seems to shoot father, have NOT made it out to the range to chorno it..... I bought a new hop up and awaiting for the barrel to ship. I am going to test both, compression mod update and > barrel + hop up, upgrade To see how much I gain from both mods !
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    The cylinder and CH are just fine.
    A new barrel would be nice, ZCI makes good ones.
    Lonex makes a really good hopup.
    A new motor is only 35$ shipped.

    Once you add in the cost of new parts it would be cheaper to buy a better gun.
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    Having owned a CM Raider for 4 years, they are simply an expensive upgrade platform. They perform quite poorly stock, with an atrocious ROF and effective range.

    While these adversities may lead you to become well versed in AEG modification, you will end up paying well over $300 for a field-worthy CM rifle when all is said and done. I have spent $200 on parts for mine, though I have not had a single failure yet like I have read about; thank God.

    Here is a link of my parts list to my CM raider as it stands. I have since added a ZCI torque motor and a Prometheus soft hop up bucking, and seen phenomenal results.

    I know you don't want us to tell you not to buy this gun. Take it from a CM owner who loves his CM like a child; don't.

    Also; one piece upper receiver, nuff said.
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