G&G commando raider

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    Well I don't have that exact one, but I do have a G&G Commando something. Only differences externally are mine has no flip up sight, it has a slightly different rail system, and it had a standard M4/M16 pistol grip. Internally mines a Top Tech (not sure if this one is?).

    Anyway personally, I love my G&G and will continue to love it until the day it fails me. Then at that point I will leave it and move on lol. That being said though, mine has been going strong from the day I bought it almost a year ago. It's been banged around, and used hard. Internally I've done nothing to it yet, but once I finish my three other airsoft projects I will give it an internal makeover. In its stock form it has proven quite accurate, decent rate of fire, and looked great externally. Mine however has gone through a magpul external makeover and now looks even better. In fact I have a picture of it in photo of the month......*cough* vote for it *cough*.

    But enough about that. I would truly recommend my gun, which I believe is this gun.

    Edit: nevermind my gun is Top Tech while this is a Combat Machine. That shouldn't really discourage you though. It needs a few things replaced (battery, wires) but after that it can be a trustworthy gun.
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    If you know anything about Combat Machines then you know all that needs to be known about this gun. It's just a CM with a full metal body. Evike has an overview.