G&G f2000

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    Upgraded G&G f2000 up for sale (400$) or trade (show me what you got)

    Ive fixed most of the trigger issues every now and again on semi itll shoot a burst of 2 but it works perfectly fine otherwise.

    Upgrades include
    Shs 12:1
    Shs lightweight piston
    Shs high torque 16 tpa
    M160 spring. Shoots 380 all the way out and 420ish screwed in. Has an adjustable spring guide.
    Has a warfet mosfet.
    Is flat hopped and thats about it.
    I did a clean the barrel pretty extensively. It was filthy.

    Anyways heres a picture of the gun and chrono. Shoots 350 fps with .25s and 30 rps.[​IMG][​IMG]