G&G/GHK M4 GBB mechbox with 3 GBB magazines

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    Asking $150. Price is fair considering if you were to buy all this stuff new it would cost well over $200. I'll consider offers though, but any lowballs will be ignored.

    Mechbox has a small non structural crack. It came like that, over 1500 bb's though it and I haven't had any issues. Mags feed great. Comes with GBB mechbox, 2 used magazines one new magazine, hopup, buffer tube mount, and modified ambidextrous safety levers (AEG safety won't work with this kit).
    I hate to part with it but I am working on building a new custom gun and I need the money.
    I also have three extremely upgraded pistols and a crapload of M4 parts; KSC g18c, KWA USP45c, and a SOCOMGEAR 1911 MEU. PM if interested in any of those and we can discuss a price.