G&G SCAR Upgrade Questions - Expert feedback only

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    I am looking to make some upgrades to my G&G CAR CQB and have some technical questions. I am looking for additional range and accuracy.

    #1 - inner barrel upgrade - going with a Prommy but unsure about length. Stock barrel is 275mm but looking at either 363mm or 407mm. Can my gear box handle 407mm and what would be the pros and cons of one versus another?

    #2 - Systema Bucking w SCS nub - read a couple of threads that recommended this just unclear what it is and what it does?

    #3 - R hop with M nub- again what is this and do I do this in place of #2 or in addition to it? Also what is the benefit?

    #4 - what other upgrades would you recommend while the gun is dismantled?

    Thanks again and the more detail the better as I am trying to build my knowledge base!
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    I'll answer what I can for you.
    1. Prommy is always great, you should be fine with the 363mm. Will you be playing CQB or field? If field, you want a 6.03-6.04mm, if CQB then a 6.01 is better, but 6.01 isn't that great for shots over 100'.

    2 and 3. Now, basically you buy an r hop which takes place of the bucking. There is a nice thread on here of how to do it. Instead of going over the barrel, it sits in the hop up window. It's arguably one of the best hop ups and will give very good accuracy.

    4. You should always polish the gears and gearbox, re-shim, re-grease and correct AoE. Basic stuff. If you want more durability, you can always upgrade your gears, I have SHS 13:1s and love them, but I hear that SHS is having some QC issues. So I hear Lonex gears are great. For compression you could get a new o-ring air nozzle and do DIY mods. Remember, I'm pretty sure SCARs have a proprietary Air nozzle.

    Hope I helped.

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    Thanks for the input - I really appreciate it.