G&G SOC16, Custom G&G AK47, and more!

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  1. Located in Corning/Elmira (NY) area, would prefer in person but I am willing to ship at buyer's expense. Accepting cash or paypal.

    First up is a like new in box G&G Socom 16 AEG. Has only seen two skirmishes and shoots very well. Includes the original packaging, manual, and a 500 round hicap magazine.
    --$270 new, asking $200 OBO.

    Second, is a modified G&G sport line Ak. Very good condition and has been heavily upgraded. Upgrades include a new flash hider($25), a Madbull Python tightbore barrel($30), a (blue?) Madbull hop up rubber($10), a modify enhanced cylinder set($50), and a classic army gearset($50). Was also reshimmed and regreased when upgraded. Shoots quite well, and includes the original 100? Round midcap, and a 600 round hicap.
    --$156 base model plus upgrades totals $336, asking $220 OBO.

    Next, I also have a nonfunctioning Classic Army Steyr AUG, has a phantom suppressor kit installed, and has several midcap magazine along with a 300 round hicap.
    --Asking $100 OBO

    Lastly, a lot of tactical gear in good condition. Includes a Pantac Molle plate carrier($100+), an assortment of Molle pouches, a replica military helmet, a couple pieces of woodland bdu's, a mesh full face protector($30), a deluxe set of Revision Wolfspider Goggles($130), and a couple thousand assorted bb's.
    --Asking $200 for the lot, however willing to consider parting out items.

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  2. arLinger

    arLinger Active Member

    I'm interested in that pantac, what size is it?

  3. The plate carrier is a medium
  4. -Spitfire-

    -Spitfire- Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    If arLinger isn't interested, I sure am. Is it in good shape?
  5. Gunrule3

    Gunrule3 Member

    Ear pro?

    Is there any ear pro in this lot? can't tell, but might see a pair
  6. arLinger

    arLinger Active Member

    One of the mesh masks has earpro.
  7. G&G SOC16, Custom G&G AK47, and more!

    The plate carrier is in good shape, my friend sprayed a spartan outline on the back but you don't see it if you have a backpack or hydration carrier. I can get more pics if you'd like.

    Yes I believe the mask covers your ears. Between spitfire and arLinger, PM me with offers and I'll get back to you two.
  8. -Spitfire-

    -Spitfire- Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Can you post a pic of the back?
  9. ImageUploadedByAirsoft Society1477437733.251197.jpg back of the pc. Also includes two foam plates.
  10. Another bump. Really wanna sell this to get some real steel. All prices are negotiable.