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Hey all, trying to off load some extra guns I haven't been using.

1) G&G TOPTECH pneumatic blowback MP5SD5.

No mods done to it, comes with 8 midcaps. Used twice on field and it performs excellently. Accuracy is wonderful, RoF is around 20rps with an 11.1v lipo, which is can use. Midcaps need to be broken in a bit, as they don't feed the first 6-10 rounds easily (common problem with new mags).


2) KWA M11A1 Mac 11 (new version)

No mods, save for the front grip, done to it, comes with 2 mags.


3) Ares G36KV w/ launcher

Has a lonex A1 motor, microswitch trigger, and the blowback system deactivated. Works amazingly well, comes with 7 mags, 1 low, 5 mid, and 1 high. Launcher is random brand (good quality metal) and am willing to part just the launcher.

$240 with launcher
$200 without launcher
$50 launcher by itself.

If you have any questions or offers, please do not hesitate to PM me.

As for trades, not really interested in anything except for genuine russian gear (no repro), or PKM/PKP


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