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  1. WaikoloaAirsoft808

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    Hey guys, do you guys think the G&P woc gbbr is a good gun. Have any of you fired it or have one. Does it run good or does it need some work on it. Thanks in advance
  2. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    The WOC is an amazing rifle. It is real weight and feels amazing when shouldered.
    I personally dont think there is enough kick to the gun but they do run very smooth. Get the C02 mags for it though instead of greengas. It will give you longer use and a slightly better shot. The actions are all nice and it will lock back on empty with most mags but not all.


    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    I do believe rich635 has one. Why not send him a PM, he can tell you all about it. I think his is having problems, but I don't think the guns at fault :D
  4. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    I wouldn't use Co2 in it without a very good reason, but the G&P WOC is ridiculously good. Top tier GBBRs.
  5. rich635

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    Los Angeles
    Yes, it's a good gun. But I'm clumsy so I'm having problems...pro-tip: Make sure everything's in the right place before you shoot it. Or bad, bad things will happen. Also, avoid getting GHK mags for it, they're a tight fit and indirectly caused my problems...but shooting it is really nice, external quality is good, and overall it's pretty nice. Lots of aftermarket parts as well. However, I've heard good things about the KJW GBBR as well, so look there also.
  6. Landa

    Landa New Member

    There are more reliable GBBR's out there, but in looks, realism and recoil its very nice. Just don't use it as your only gun, or else you are going to end up hating it, speaking from experience here.
  7. adas1223

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    i have one. If i were to do it again, the KWA LM4 is the best bang for buck with steel right out of the box, SUPER efficient magazines, and KICK. decent after market too.

    KJW will not give you kick or after market. The magna system (WA, G&P, etc) is finicky as fudge, unless you drop $$$$ on prowin v2 mags, or ratech internals. then you're on par with KWA + more customizability and one piece upper receivers.

    id definitely consider KWA
  8. Landa

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    Customizability with LM4's isn't even close to WA. IMHO the perfect rifle, which has the right balance of price, aftermarket, realism and reliability is WE's system. Buy some gen-2 mags, which are solid and leak free, and run the internals to the ground. After a few thousand rounds, the trigger group might give, for 100$ you have a full RA tech steel group package... run it several thousand rounds more and then the BCG gives in.. replace with RA techs.. gun will be indestructible at that point. Finally, real steel compatibility is as good as the WA system, if not better.

    I think KWA killed the LM4 with the pointless ATF a-- kissing. There are so many things that aren't RS spec that could be... it doesn't make sense. Replacement parts are scarce too, KWA wont send you any replacements... and its reliability isn't KJ high either, same with lack aftermarket. They are just coming in... If i would do it again, i would go WE all the way. The prices are too attractive, KWA is too expensive for what it is. VSR-10 buckings, etc.. there are so many positives with that system.
  9. AirsoftimusPrime

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    Satellite Beach
    Kjw is probably the best budget GBBP, I don't know about their rifles (speaking from 7 months ago, haven't tried any new models if there are since I started playing airsoft again).

    However, keeping things in the right place is universal with airsoft, doesn't just apply to GBBRs. Turns out when you put your motor in backwards in doesn't work so hot :3
  10. MagPulfan

    MagPulfan New Member

    My experience with WA systems have sucked. PM me if you want to hear the stories. I'd ONLY run a KJW or WE at this point. WAs are much too picky for my tastes.