G&P Gearbox Motor Grip Threads Stripped

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  1. Sutro

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    The motor grip threads on the gearbox stripped.

    Most likely due to repeated use, ive taken out the gearbox over 100 times. Last time i did not clean out the old loctite gunk, was not paying attention and stripped the threads while re-installing the grip. The screws appear to be M3 type.

    I searched and found many answers, bad or wrong info or dated answers. Mostly useless answers.

    I saw a post about using different size screws but my threads are now smooth holes. What would you do?
    Replace gearbox?
    Retap the threads?
    Buy a different (bigger) screw?
    Thank you for your time.

    Steps that will be taken.
    -pay more attention to gearbox then a rerun of lettermans last show. I overtorqued the GB.
    -loctite seems useless for the gb shell other then piston heads... The gunk build up created additional pressure since i did not clean it out. Tore my threads out... I wont use it anymore for anything other then piston head, not even the motor grip scew holes.
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  2. Dannyboyextreme

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    you say the threads are smooth holes now, if you have a tap set i would say make new threads and go buy screws for that thread

  3. Sutro

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    San Francisco
    I dont have any on hand. Im going to homedepot to see if i can simply find some screw that is slightly bigger that will thread itself to the hole. Maybe a size 6 screw. Otherwise ill just get a new shell.