G&P m14 vs G&G m14 vs ca m14 as DMR

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by deadeye, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. deadeye

    deadeye New Member

    in between chicago and milwakee
    i have recently been looking into several diffrent options for a dmr base, no m4.
    i have decided that an m14 would naturally be more effective as dmr. I would like to know which of these three has the best
    stock preformance
    i will eventually be upgrading one of these into a DMR but for a month or so i will only be using a tightbore barrel

    please experinced players only
  2. JakeBworth

    JakeBworth New Member

    Their stock range, accuracy, performance, etc., is all going to be about the same. If you plan on doing a DMR build I hope you know that you will need more than a TBB.

  3. Griffin213

    Griffin213 New Member

    I had a G&G m14 SOC16, which if you dont know is basically an M14 with a slightly shorter barrel, and I have to say it was an amazing gun. It was one of the best I've ever had. It had great range, rate of fire and accuracy. It was very reliable and built very well. Nothing ever broke on it. As far as upgrading I've heard that they are pretty proprietary but I think you should be fine if all you are doing is installing a tight bore. But it was great right out of the box. The accuracy on it was just amazing along with a very nice hop up on it to make it even better. Plus the SOC16 version already has a rail on it for a scope.

    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    The G&G and Classic Army M14's are easier to upgrade, I believe they use a mixture of version 2 & 3 parts, the G&P uses a less common version 7(?). But Classic Army and G&G use different magazines then TM based M14's. Both CA's and G&G's mags are interchangeable though.
  5. Star_folder

    Star_folder New Member

    G&G is the original M14, and is the easiest to upgrade/work on. The only proprietary parts are the cylinder head (which has a replacement) and the tappet plate. The tappet plate shouldn't break, and if it does you can order replacements from several places.
  6. deadeye

    deadeye New Member

    in between chicago and milwakee
    so i take it from your anwsers so far everyone is agreeing that the g&g m14 is the best/ easiest to upgrade? are their any serius problems it has that i should take care of right away, and i would still like to here some info about the g&p m14. i like the looks of it, but i havent really heard anything from people that have actually used it