g&p m16a3 w/m203 or kwa sr 12?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by mrrsh11, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. mrrsh11

    mrrsh11 New Member

    San mateo
    Im looking for out of the box performance mostly, which is better and why? Any help is appreciated thanks! :cool:
  2. Ehudakineyah

    Ehudakineyah New Member

    Well for cool factor would be the G&P M16 grenadier.

    Out of the box performance, would go to the KWA.

    Range and accuracy is almost the same.

    G&P will have a higher rate of fire out of the box. But for shooting aspects out of the box, the KWA is a little better all around.

    The m203 really has nothing to do with the performance. But add a lot of front weight to your gun. You'll need to utilize grenade shells as well. Extra money unless you already own some.

    And I'll stop there. Everything else is a little technical.

  3. mrrsh11

    mrrsh11 New Member

    San mateo
    Thanks dude, thats all the info i need
  4. S1kkguy

    S1kkguy New Member

    Pretty much agree, not to mention I prefer the looks of the sr12. Looks sex.
  5. TheLost

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    I had an sr12, until I broke it (own fault, I was doing some stupid stuff, and I'll leave it at that), but before that, I had minimal upgrades and had Measured hits (afterwards a buddy just HAD to run, grab a 50m windup tape measure, used the Ft/in side.) ranging from 120-225ft I was amazed. Had it sighted for 150ft lol. Really reliable, still have most of the parts if you'd ever want 'em as replacements. But yes, it was a great gun, not great ROF, but with it you really don't need to worry bout that since 1 shot normally does the trick.
  6. chi-airsofter

    chi-airsofter New Member

    Kwas are good but you can't go wrong with trusty g&p.