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    I received a G&P M4 Carbine W/ Crane Stock (Foliage Green). Here's the link:http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=37511. It was marke down to $250 from $280. I could not find that model on any other website. Does anyone know why it was not available at other retailers? Or why the gun was priced so cheaply? It arrived defective. The magazine did not attach itself to it's receiver. The charging handle was extremely hard to pull back and would lock upon release. I took a look at the hop-up just for kicks. The hop up was not turning smoothly (almost as if it were not well lubricated). I saw white powdered dust scattered about the hop-up/gearbox area. Is this normal? I received an RMA number,finally, from Evike and shipped it back per their instructions. They said the will be able to fix the issues I experienced. I do not know if they will take the initiative to open up the gun and make sure that everything is well greased or shimmed correctly. I sent Evike back an email stating that I would like In-Store credit rather than a repair. Obviously, it is the weekend, so they won't respond. I would like to know if any of you, based off of experience, know if I will be granted In-Store Credit or even a full
    refund. My gun is under the 14 Day Warrenty.
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    Not a 100% sure this answers you but my friends G&P arrived the same way and works just fine do a little sanding if you must.

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    Evike is the official US G&P retailer, ASGI only has the Magpul models and the rest are in Asia. And I believe the Foliage Green one is Evike-exclusive, not even the Asian retailers have it. It's actually relatively expensive compared to beginner AEGs (those range from $100-$200) and the discount thing is usually just marketing, they put that on half the products you see. Not sure of the dust, the charging handle isn't a big problem (might just be a strong spring, the locking might be caused by a dummy bolt, it locks back so you can adjust the hop-up). It is a very good gun and this might've just been a lemon. If it happens again, post pictures and someone here can diagnose any problem.