G&P m4 v. VFC E series m4

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by AFPJ, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Ive recently saved enough pennies for both and im having trouble deciding between the two. Help please?
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    I would recommend the VFC because you can never go wrong with a VFC. In my opinion, they are the best gun maker for their full metal EVERYTHING haha. And their gearboxes are full metal and will last a long time. Hope this helps!

  3. Napple

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    I've had both guns and they are at the same level. Though, in my opinion i favor vfc. My vfc is better than my g&p was. But they are both very close in performance
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  4. Ehudakineyah

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    - G&P:
    Externals are very nice 9/10. Internals... Eh like a 7.5/10. Piston and gears will go first, then the stock pinion. The G&P M120 motor is a plus. But if you plan to use a battery over 10.8v, then I would suggest changing it out.
    - VFC:
    Same good externals like a G&P. just a different mother lol 9/10 rating. Internals are a little better OTB at 8.25/10. If anything the piston will go first OTB. Everything else is built to last in stock form.

    Side by side. A VFC is slimmer to hold. While the G&P has a smoother finish, and feels more solid and rigid.
    VFC internal and external tolerances are a lot more forgiving then the G&P.

    For the price, I think VFC is the way to go now days. G&P was the one of the best manufacturers on the market (they still are). They make some of the best external parts out there.

    But VFC guns sell and are of good of quality as well. I like them more because the parts fit looser and still manages to be solid.

    KWA would be another option for yah.

    ICS and KA would be after.

    Then it would come down to what model of gun you want. And it will be your choice from there lol :)
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    What he said ^^^ (20vfcs)
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    +1. VFC, G&P and KWA are my favorites. I've heard good things about ICS as well. Bottom line is that you should get the model that works for you. You really can't go wrong with any one of these.