G&P M4 Wiring Issue

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    Hey guys my G&P MOE M4 that I got less then a month ago and that has less than 1k rounds through allready has a problem. The gun just stopped firing on Sunday when I was doing some plinking and I believe I have a good lead on the problem. The only way to get the gun to fire atm is to pull on wires leading from the trigger to the battery making it taut then the gun will fire. I suspect a faulty connection to the trigger. I could fix this easly but for some reason some idiot at G&P decided that they would make one of their connectors to disconnect the fuse and battery connection part of the wire harness super big. So now I will wither have to cut my black wire (negative wire?) becuase that connector will not pass through the tiny space so that I can dissasemble the gun. I am reluctant to do this because I believe the gun is still under warranty and I dont want to go cutting the wireharness up then soldering it back together then something major to happen (ie massive failure) then being stuck with a broken gun that I have to spend alot of time and money to fix...

    Any suggestions?

  2. CQB

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    I really want to find this out too. I'm still thinking about the KWA CQR or a G&P. If this can't be fixed then, I'm definitely getting the KWA.

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    Sounds like you have a bad wiring connection. Did you check the motor contacts to make sure the connections aren't coming loose?
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    So if one person has a problem that means the whole company makes a bad product? Nice logic.

    To the OP, I'm a little confused. Do you think it's your trigger contacts not touching, or is it a problem with the deans plugs?
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    Well I fixed it. Motor contacts are fine. And for some reason G&Ps from Airsoft Gi do not come stock with deans. The problem is the connection to the trigger. I did fix it by moving the wires around and got them in the right spot. I have shot 500 rounds through the gun since fixing it and shook it and turned it upside down and still working so hopefully its permanent.
    CQB defiantly get a G&P best performing gun I have ever shot that was still stock
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    I had that same thing happen with mine, only it was my fuse that was causing the issue. Glad you figured yours out! Wiring problems are such a pain to problem solve...