G&P Magpul Receiver, Furniture, & Pmags G36 scope handle --plus extras

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    Ok looking to sell these items, so hopefully you guys will give them a good home. Some are out of production. I will be listing pricing, but I'll need a little more time to put them up. Shipping cost will be as exact as possible based on your location rounded up to the nearest dollar. Also lookig to acquire a P90 aeg, Maxx hop up for ICS M4 and one that is Marui compatible, and last but not least..... a metal hop up for an AK aeg. Please feel free to ask questions.

    1.) G&P Magpul Lower Receiver with MOTS Upper Receiver + 1 used SAI Gry Carbine Length Rail https://www.evike.com/products/74350/upper receiver. The tapered barrel next to it is included and is approx 10 1/2 inches long. It was my best attempt at replicating the look of the out of production Magpul VLTOR receiver. Its never been fielded. $275 + shipping

    2.) PTS Magpul 120 rnd Pmags x2 Black --- had these for a long time and they were used sparingly and purposely under loaded nearly everytime. $25 each + shipping

    3.) PTS Magpul Foliage Green Furniture lot w/120 rnd Foliage Green Pmag. Includes: foregrip, handle, pistol grip, rear sight, stock, plus I'll throw in a olive drab front sight I got off of ebay. $80 + shipping

    4.) Black Fakepul ACS stock $20 + shipping

    5.) G36 Magnified Carry Handle Sight $20 + shipping

    6.) Deepfire Cylinder for 385mm to 410mm inner barrels $5 + shipping (never used)

    7.) Black Crane stock $10 + shipping

    8.) Black M4 Pistol grip w/heat sink plate $5 + shipping

    9.) Black AK foldable front handle $5 + shipping

    10.) Black non folding front handle $5 + shipping

    11.) Black Tokyo Marui covers x2 & x1 Classic Army - $8 for all 3 or $3 a piece + shipping

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    Lowered prices and can send pic of sai gry rail on request, its in really good condition from previous owner. thanks for looking.
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