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Hi Guys!

Today I received my G&P m4 RAS AEG. I'm building a USMC loadout and wanted to add an M4 to it instead of my Dboys M16. I've been using it for a while and its getting cumbersome ;)

When I first looked at it I thought it looked really good! But when I was making some detail pictures I noticed the receivers had a different color! Theres also a small opening between the upper and lower receiver. My 200 euro specna arms has a better fitting upper and lower receiver. Have I gotten a melon? Is this greyish black standard for G&P?

It also came in a bland cardboard box without any trademarks of G&P on it.

Here you can see the grey'ish color of the receiver:
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun Gun accessory

Just above the fire selector there's a really small gap showing the gearbox (its very small, but I had expected, with the loving posts about the G&P brand on this forum, that it would be a nice fit)

And a top to bottom picture of the replica.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Composite material

I've put a video on my Youtube channel and some people say its looking plastic and cheap. Depending on how the light hits the replica, I'm agreeing with them.

The replica's I've owned before this G&P M4 are Dboys and Specna arms. Those are all in the same black colour that I also see on pictures of the real M4.


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The grey color is correct. All 3 of my G&P Mk18 bodies are the same color.

First and last photos don't show it nearly as well as the second photo due to lighting.

The slight gap between the upper and lower receiver is only visible on one of mine.

However what does give me pause is the box you received it in. Normally G&P boxes are brown with a sticker of their logo. Any G&P parts that came in a box that I have received were in a brown box with color sticker logo.
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