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    Alright guys, I just got this gun in a trade, and really prefer to stick with aeg's, I love working on gbbr and playing with them but I still prefer my vfc 416 for actual use so I don't know tons about this gun. What I am wondering is how much is this gun worth, and is there anything else I can do to upgrade it even further. The gun is in great condition, the magwell area is scratched a little bit, but other than that it has absolutely no scratches, scuffs, or anything.
    Alright, so here is what came with the gun/ what upgrades have been done,
    7x ghk mags
    noveske 12" rail
    chrome lined dimpled barrel
    g&p anti rotational links
    2010 Inokatsu super bolt with aluminum nozzle
    matric 6.01 tightbore barrel
    So that is the list of upgrades, what else can be done to this thing to make it even better?
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    looks like good upgrades. id say $500 for the gun itself. $250 for all 7 mags.

    now if you want to sell this, you might get that pricing from gasguns.info forum classifieds.

    you will not sell that here lol

    any chance you have ghk co2 magazines you're willing to sell to me? ;)

  3. ntully2

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    Boulder Colorado - Denver
    no sorry i don't only the green gas mags, and cool, thanks for the help.