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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by SwedEnt SwedishEnthusiast, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. SwedEnt SwedishEnthusiast

    SwedEnt SwedishEnthusiast New Member


    Please help. Looking for a gas powered G3 clone.

    I'm very new to the airsoft arena but with 12+ years in the Swedish armed forces (both expeditionary conventional forces, and national defence which some call the "weekend warriors") I have some idea of what i'm doing.

    My goal is to become a better soldier, using the very exhilarating sport of airsoft.

    I have an AEG G3 clone, but there is a huge problem: magazine capacity and behaviour. I want to train for using my real service weapon, a G3 licence clone called "Ak4b". Maximum realism is a must! My service weapon holds 20 rounds in each magazine, not a single shot more. If you shoot it empty, you get "the dead man's click". Every time I change magazines on my AEG, a random amount of rounds fall out.

    Gas powered weapons don't seem to have this problem, so after a few months of getting used to the sport I stared to look for a better weapon; a gas powered G3-clone. Now, half a year later, I've found noth-diddily-ing. (Forgive my Flanders.)

    Does anyone here know where to look for a gas powered G3-clone? Or perhaps some similar weapon which I can "dress up" as a G3 with various mods and kits?

    Sincerely yours
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  2. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    Bull Shoals
    I believe WE tech is making one, as well as VFC.
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  3. SwedEnt SwedishEnthusiast

    SwedEnt SwedishEnthusiast New Member

    WE tech: No luck. Neither gas nor CO2.

    VFC will be introducing one during 2018.

    Thank you!