G36 Internals

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    So I am finally getting the balls to upgrade the interals of my JG G36. The first things I am going to order are

    Because the first tooth of my pistol seems to have a dent(?) in it.

    My spring guide's tabs broke the first time I opened the gearbox up.

    I need a lower fps for indoor play.

    Those are the upgrades I need as of now. I will do the usual upgrades when I get time to but any suggestions?
  2. Star_folder

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    Those are all good choices. Though, you may consider correcting your AoE and shimming your gears while you're inside your gearbox. With correct AoE, your piston will last much longer, and properly shimmed gears will cause your system to be much more efficent.

  3. Shadow_Nugz

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    Is there a tutorial for correcting AOE?

    And I have been looking inside my box and it seems(important word) to me that it is already shimmed properly. Everything matches up really well.
  4. Sophomore

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    I usually just cut off the pad on the cylinder head and glue the sorbo in place.
    That correct's AOE for me perfectly.

    But if you correct AOE, you'll need to get a piston a shave off at least 2 teeth and usually a half of the third.