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    I have search here and from Google for this answer and could not find anything. So I am hoping someone here can answer my question.

    I currently own a Airsoft GI G4A5 (Tan) Desert Dune - Blowback version.
    it has a V2 Gearbox I know this. But I can not find what bearings/bushing the gearbox uses. And the ones from the gun are missing so I have no way to compare.(I bought the gun broke and in the process of rebuilding.) can anyone help me with the following

    Bearing/Bushing size,
    Selector plate(6mm,7mm,8mm)
    cylinder type(Stock barrel length)

    should say the blow back has been removed as well
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    - Bearing size: 8mm
    - selector plate: standard m4 type (some brand you might have to dremel a bit to fit)
    - cylinder type: G&G's cylinder with the small hole on the front for blowback. If not, you can use a type-1 cylinder.