Galil AEG: $245 or best offer.

I can't remember for certain if this is a CYMA, but I'm fairly confident that it is.

Comes with an 11.1V Li-PO battery and charger.

Not used a whole lot; never taken to a field.

Steel components: upper receiver, flash hider, gas block, rear sight, sling points, trigger guard, stock hinge, magazine.

Aluminum components: lower receiver, stock, front sight, trigger, charging handle, barrel.

Polymer components: handguard, grip.

Very few known issues, but they include: lots of side-to-side movement from the magazine (haven't noticed any feeding issues); and selector switch becomes very loose after some time, even to the point of falling from full-auto to semi-auto (this can be fixed by tightening its screw).

The gun is pretty much the same as when it was purchased, I just never used it much and it's been sitting around. I think the Galil is a beautiful piece of machinery, and I believe this airsoft variant serves it justice.