Game Modes- Vip/President

Discussion in 'Scenarios & Milsim' started by crazyjake, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. crazyjake

    crazyjake New Member

    I was wondering how to play this game mode, i think the place i go to plays it differently.
  2. matthewzguitarz

    matthewzguitarz New Member

    Well, I haven't tried this yet, but I was planning on something like the VIP is randomly chosen, everyone on one team has to guard him/her, and he can only move while someone is holding him/her on the shoulder. The other team has to kill the VIP, they win by killing the VIP, the team with the VIP wins buy getting him/her to a certain area.

  3. Hat3d1

    Hat3d1 New Member

    There are variations on this game mode, We play it different all the time. Sometimes the objective is to kill the vip, sometimes its capture. VIP can be medic'd, sometimes the VIP is flat wounded, and must be carried. There are so many variables to this game mode. Have fun with it!