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  1. airsoftlord

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    any1 have a team that would want to hav an airsoft war? message me back.
  2. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    You need to give information on your state and city.

    EDIT: This should be in the catagory with your state, you will get more answers that way.

  3. Shiftyshooter

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    Unless you give us information, we cannot help you.

    The use of proper spelling nad grammar is crucial here and is part of the rules. Follow them.
  4. raiders

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    I live in Minnesota in the Anoka blain Andover area and am wondering if anyone know of any Airsoft fields around here?
  5. Mikeinator

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    Northern VA (no more info, someone might find me...)
    Go to the main forum page, look around until you find Airsoft fields, and you can do the rest. Look around before you post, odds are your question has already been answered.
  6. 703

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    find your region / state and then post. Also be informative and include more information.

    Like above, Find your region / state. Chances are you will be able to find something. If you can't start a new post or search google.

    Also no thread jacking...
    You both seem to be new to this forum. Please use the search function / google before asking questions. 9 times out of 10 it will yield an answer. This helps to de-clutter the forum with questions that have already been answered. Also when posting be informative. Don't be vauge because we wont be able to help you.. Common sence.