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    OK, I've got a good idea on what RIS kit I want. But I want to remove the front sight. I know how to do this but I need to replace it with a gas block. I wanted to know if this:
    Wolf Armouries Airsoft Shop
    or this:
    Wolf Armouries Airsoft Shop (I know it doesn't have a pic but please look if up on google) will work as a gas block and if they will need anything else to go with them. I heard of something called a gas tube but I'm not sure if it is necessary as my M4 front sight does not have a gas tube connecting it to the body, it is just screwed into the ring that holds the foregrip. Please tell me if this is needed and if I will need a special delta ring as the JG ring doesn't have the hole for it.
    Also I know these are quite expensive from this site but I'm going to the shop anyway.

    Hope you all had a good xmas ;D

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    Gas tubes for airsoft are for looks only and don't do anything. Most m4's that have the battery in the grip don't have them, and most that have the battery in the stock do. They are just solid steel rods.

    basically a gas tube on a real m16 takes gas from the gas block and takes it to the upper receiver where it is part of the stoner gas system.