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    Sweet Airsoft revolver!

    this revolver is fully metal and the guy took off the orange tip and this isnt me in this video. It can shoot up to 500fps and higher! its really called WG M702 Co2 revolver. The guy messed up on the name. Heres the video. [ame=]YouTube - WG M700 Co2 revolver[/ame]
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  2. Twin1

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    My brother had an HFC revolver. Cool at first, but all together, a piece of crap. Falls apart WAY too easily.

  3. The War Store

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    We stayed away from revolver for a long time because they were all so crappy, especially those HFC ones.

    However, these new revolvers from WinGun are quite nice. We've been selling a lot of them over the last six months with virtually no issues to date. Very solid, nice fit and finish, and very powerful. The 4" versions typically chrono for us around 450 FPS with 0.2g BB's. The 6" version chrono's around 510. It is my understanding that an 8" version just came out.
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    Those things you buy and show off, maybe do some target practice. Not really the best to play with.