GBB Mock-up Silencer for AEG/AEP? Tokyo Marui MP7 advice please!

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    Looking to buy a silencer for my TM MP7 AEP, I was wondering is the GBB mock up silencers compatible with AEP/AEG parts? If its the same threads it should lock on? I am looking at adding a silencer for my MP7 that adds FPS and at the same time "tactical factor", my TM mp7 shoots 260ish fps and I want hit 280 or more, I was hopping a silencer could do this.:confused:
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    I dont think that a gbb power up suppressor will increase the fps of an aeg/aep. They dont really work the same. Gbbs will release more air/gas than what is needed to propel the bb down the barrel. Thats why there is usually a puff of gas that shoots out the end of the barrel on gbbs. So a longer barrel on a gbb is more like real steel. The longer the barrel the more time the bb has to speed up. An aeg/aep has a set amount of air more designed around the stock barrel, thats why the cylinder is ported, so there is just enough air to push the bb out of the barrel maximizing speed and minimizing negative air effect on the bb. If you put more barrel than your cylinder can support then you start getting problems with accuracy and possibly even dropping your fps instead of increasing it.

    But there is a solution, and you could see about 10-20 fps increase if you just swap out your barrel with a tight bore of the same length. Or get an extended tight bore barrel and mock suppressor (and maybe a new cylinder depending on how long of a barrel you get).

    Im not an expert on aep guns. Never messed with them, but i assume they follow the same basic physics as an aeg. So if im wrong here, someone let me know please.

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    The cylinder is already a "full" so just sealing it up and doubling up the piston head oring is gonna be your best bet in raising fps. But the air nozzle has no upgraded Oringed version that I could find and that's where most of my air leaks though.
    Tightbores are pretty expensive and I haven't bought one for mine but it should give a good boost. But i wouldn't extend it.

    Im pretty sure the power up supressor has a +12mm threads for the gbb version mp7. The aep has a -12mm. also I've got the well mp7 clone and he's right it's not gonna have the air volume to support a longer inner barrel like that. if you're just looking to add a basic mock supressor all you need a -12mm to -14mm adapter. Behold.
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