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  1. ReconX

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    I want to get either a gas blowback or and electric blowback sub machine gun but, I don't know what gun to get. Is there anything cheaper than $250?
  2. averageairsofter

    averageairsofter New Member

    Either the kwa mp9 or mp7 will probably be your best bet in that price range. The mp7 is $255 and the mp9 is $215. Both are gbbs all ebb smgs are going to be garbage so don't bother with them.

  3. TacticalChef

    TacticalChef New Member

    San Francisco
    i second the KWA MP7, i've had mine for about a year, and used it a lot. I got it for free from ASGI and thought i would never really use it, but i have now essentially turned it into my primary. The 2 mag package is a great start, but I would recommended at least 4 total. that's what i run and it feels comfortable, enough to last a while on semi, but enough ammo so you can still use automatic if you need to and not worry about having to reload mags mid game.
  4. Rusty34

    Rusty34 New Member

    KWA MP9. it's a great gun for the price and i may even get one soon.
  5. Griffin213

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    I own a Kwa Mp9 and it is a great little gun. I would get that over the mp7 because it shoots faster and is louder therefore scarier to the people on the opposite end of the gun. Plus the mp9 has less external parts that you don't need to worry about breaking.
  6. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    dont get an EBB it just has more parts to break and more problems to come up. Get a GBB and youll be good. There are a few in that price range and below.
    MP9 and MP7 are basically the same gun. my mp9 doesnt shoot any faster than my friends mp7... Only slightly louder.
    Either gun you would be happy with and have minimal problems. Just remember to tighten any screws every few thousand rounds because teh kick can shake things loose...
    I wouldnt trade my MP9 for anything though