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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by fradd, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. fradd

    fradd New Member

    Price Range: less than $120. Will only pay over $105 if I really, really like the look of the gun.

    Type of Gun I Want: Blowback. But, it needs to take CO2, or be CO2 mag ready. I live in Colorado, and it gets cold here.

    Preferred Gun Models: I would only want a M1911 or M9 model if:
    1) It's my only option
    2) It has a very unique look
    3) It has nice trademarks
    I would like any model other than the M1911 or M9.

    What Role/Type of Play I Will Be Doing/Playing: Well, it'll just be used as...well, a secondary, most of the time. I usually play field.
    Also, how good is ASG and KWC?

    Oh and these are the guns I've looked at and I like:
    KWC Colt M1911 WWII

    WE 1911 MEU Desert

    WE M9A1 S.O.C. (most wanted)

    WE CQB Master M9 USMC MEU

    WE SIG P226

    WE Luger P-08

    KJW P226

    HE3 PX4

    Sig Sauer P226 X5

    ASG CZ75D Compact (2nd most wanted)

    KWC Taurus PT99
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  2. Landa

    Landa New Member

    All of them except the last 3 i recommend. Your best choice would be the KJW P226, it has the cleanest record out of all from what i concur, i only hear good from it.

  3. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    If you want CO2, you are best off getting any KJW guns with the Red nozzle. I know my KJW HICapa has it. Avoid plastic bodies guns at all cost. Also, avoid WE. They aren't know very reliable.
  4. fradd

    fradd New Member

    0 have a WE pistol.
  5. richman992

    richman992 Active Member

    The only WE gun I'd even consider would be a Glock, and even then you're taking a chance. I'd suggest a KJW 1911, I hear great things about them. I'm sure there is CO2 mags for it.
  6. Lil_Shady

    Lil_Shady Administrator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    And? So do I. I actually have 2 of them, just for fun and because I like pistols.

    I would go with KJW P226 as well.
  7. lentj

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    East Aurora
    Get the Elite Force 1911. I have two. 105.00. Realistic, co2, reliable. Best with .20's. can shoot .25's. Adjustable hop up. I get 4 full mag loads per co2 powerlet. Weighs 2 pounds. Full metal everything except a few tiny internal parts that have to be. The paint job needs help. Suggest giving the whole gun a shot of clear satin laquer before you use it. Thats the only con I can think of. An extra mag is about 32-35.00 depending on where you buy. Accurate to about 50-75 feet. Shoots about 320-350 fps. Keep it clean and lube the slide with some waterproof grease.
  8. Landa

    Landa New Member

    I have had a few pistols, and i have never had a single problem with them. Some include the KJW Hi capa, the KWA PTP M9 Tact, etc. My WE 1911 is extremely reliable, i love it, take good care of it, haven't had a single malfunction in 2-3k rounds. I choose it over others because of the look, feel and aftermarket. WE has issues with lemons, but that hasn't been the case for me.

    Some call WE's QC crap, sure, but WE produces the most amount of GBB pistols out there.. there is bound to be a few horror stories. Now that being said, KJW's p226 is praised as being very reliable, and has the "best" record, practically no one complains.

    I have handled them first hand and i know a couple that own them, and they are more than happy. Thats why i recommend it. You can literally try your luck with any though, unless they are lemons, you will be fine. Like i said, all the pistols except the last 3 are great, that KWC, and those two Co2, clearly proprietary designs. Whatever you do, go for a green gas marui clone.

    edit: actually, stay away from the WE M9 too, the hop up is crap, and is too heavy. (i have owned it before too). It is a clone of the original TM M9, the hop up was a patch on top of the inner, horrible. TM has updated their design this year, but WE M9 still produces a clone of the old one.
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  9. fradd

    fradd New Member

    Just learned that most "KJW Sig Sauer P226" gas blowbacks are $130, and they have trademarks.
    The one I gave the link to that's being sold from airsplat doesn't have trademarks.
    So I don't know what the deal is with that.

    Doesn't airsplat get their manufacturer information wrong a lot?
  10. Landa

    Landa New Member

    its just trade-less one, its KJW. But you should get it from ASGI, with trades and all, its just as cheap: its $123.50, but with the 15% coupon is $104.98, and you already got shipping free :) I think i just saved you there lol.

    You are gonna love the ergonomics of the p226, too bulky for me, but its as solid as a rock.
  11. fradd

    fradd New Member

    Yeah I just looked at the pricing of items if I add the coupon code at ASGI and I probably would get the KJW P226, but there are no CO2 mags for it.

    Agh the WE M9 or M1911 would be so ideal if there wasn't such negative feedback about it. WE should work on internals, I guess.
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  12. Landa

    Landa New Member

    The problem isnt the quality of the internals, its like any other pot metal, its the tolerances... if you get lucky, you have a great little pistol. If you like the look of the WE MEU, just get it, chances are it will work correctly, but you run a risk, well, you always run a risk of lemons.
  13. fradd

    fradd New Member

    Yeah, I'm typically lucky when I buy products.
    Nothing I buy breaks fast, like people say it will.

    But now I've discovered this:
  14. AppleJuiceChristmas

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    KJWs are the best in that range, I'm selling a KJW hi-capa if you're interested.
  15. Shiftyshooter

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    Take the Selling/buying stuff to your PMs.