GBB Pistol Recoil Problem

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    Hello. Today I have Encountered a problem with my new..but used 24K Gold WE Tech M9. I was shooting it and all of a sudden the gun would not shoot unless i cocked it even though there was a round already in the chamber..and If I tried to shoot it after that and pull the trigger a lot it might pop off 1 round but the slide would not come back when it a Non-blowback ( It is blowback )
    I have not had this problem..but before this happened If i were the shoot the gun the slide would lock back every time unless I held down the slide release while shooting it.

    Any Response would be Greatly Appreciated.
  2. foxtrot2552

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    What you might try is disassembling the gun and use some GBB silicone spray to lube the internals, mainly the slide and nozzle. a quick fix option might be to fill up a mag, put it in your gun (with no bb's), turn it upside down, and shoot. I know it sounds weird but when you fill up a green gas magazine, it turns into a liquid form inside it, but because your holding it upright it doesn't spray liquid gas everywhere only (gaseous gas). but when you turn it upside down, it will spray a combination of liquid gas and lubrication (which is already in the green gas) throughout the slide and nozzle of your gun.

    I'm not 100% percent sure that it will work but its worth a try and wont damage your gun.

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    Sounds like the trigger mechanism is sticking. Try shooting then waiting a while then shooting again. If it shoots put a little oil in the trigger mech and it should work.