Featured GBBR for backyard fun?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Cyproz, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Cyproz

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    Looking at getting a fun rifle for my backyard pleasure and maybe a game or 2 a year.
    I have a vfc g19 i got a while back and it functions great. Not sure if VFC is big on rifle making but i see that GHK and WE are the main ones these days.
    I know the cons of gbbr such a mag cap and temperature, i do live in florida where it remains warm tho.
    I also see that some parts are built to fail and replace more often than say an aeg but i dont mind some easy maintenance so that can be a pro, especially if it doesnt get shot often.

    any recommendations
  2. Bisqcateer

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    Elk Grove
    If you're looking for a GBBR specifically, the WE M4's have an overwhelming approval in the GBBR community. I personally have a G&P WOC and I would say it's pretty great. In some aspects, it's more realistic than a WE M4 in terms of actual internal construction. Just get a steel internal set and reinforced bolt and you should be golden. Surprisingly the part that broke first was my charging handle lol...

  3. Guges Mk3

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    The G&P has two lines.

    WOC and WOC-X

    X is aluminum internals and the other is the steel internals.
  4. adas1223

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    I'd go for a ghk m4. Pickup some v2 co2 magazines. The recoil is wonderful
  5. mooshmack

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    Pts Masada by KWA homey. Mine has been running fine in Illinois through winter as well.