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Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Noah_6, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Noah_6

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    I'm looking for spare mags for my GHK G5, but I am not willing to spend $60 per mag. I've already tried a King Arms mag, but it doesn't feed correctly, the AGM mag didn't even hold gas, and the G&P didn't fit in the gun. Are there any other mags that are compatible, but not so expensive?
  2. MP5User

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    GHK G5 mags are the best WA/magna series magazines manufactured. There's a reason that people who own VT/GHK mod their receivers to accept G5 mags. GHK Gen1 and Gen2 STANAGs will work but the gas router on the G5 mag is made specifically for the G5 and is he best option.

    Play your cards right with coupons and bulk ordering and you can end up paying $45ish per mag, right around the LM4/G&P PMAG mag price.